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The Duke Office of Audit, Risk & Compliance offers excellent opportunities for career advancement and professional development.  More information on current opportunities can be found at the following Duke HR Website.

Audit Services

We offer excellent opportunities for career advancement from our audit services to the clients we serve.  Our employees are exposed to every aspect of the Duke organization (i.e. Duke University, Duke University Health System, etc.).  Our employees have the opportunity to build professional relationships within various departments, develop an understanding of major processes and systems and understand the financial impact of the organization.  This business knowledge combined with the technical expertise gained working within Duke affords the opportunity for upward mobility a number of areas within the University and the Health System.  As such, internal audit has a proven track record for career advancement.

Principal Auditors are hired into audit services (i.e. financial/operational and IT audit positions) with an expectation of serving three to five years and then pursuing other advancement opportunities within Duke.  Over the past ten years more than 30 professionals have moved into positions such as business manager, financial analyst, IT security specialist, sponsored programs administrator, and finance director. 

Duke University Compliance Program

In the Duke University Compliance Program, we offer excellent opportunities for staff to build upon expertise and become trusted advisors in the Duke community in compliance risk areas.  The Duke University Compliance Program has two sections: 1) Compliance Services; and 2) Sponsored Programs Assurance and Research Compliance Assurance.  Compliance staff members are certified experts in their fields.  They conduct compliance reviews and give proactive feedback on regulatory requirements and best practices.  Their work involves frequent contact with leaders in central administration, schools, departments, centers, institutes, highly regulated programs, clinical research units and individual research teams.  The development of significant expertise in highly complex regulatory areas has provided staff in the Compliance Program opportunities for internal advancement within the Compliance Program as well as upward mobility in other parts of Duke.  Compliance staff members have moved into positions such as research practices manager, director of the Duke Cancer Network, senior business process analyst and positions within departmental research administration.

Current Openings

Apply for position(s) through the Duke HR Website.  Internal candidates, please search the Requisition ID on the Duke Careers.  External candidates may use the links below.

Compliance Auditor, Senior, Requisition ID: 145388 

Health System Principal Auditor, Requisition ID #1: 207051

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