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Speak Up Reporting

We speak up when words, behaviors or actions are not consistent with our values.

If you witness or are asked to participate in actions that are not consistent with our values, tell someone. Ask your supervisor, department head, residence advisor or ombudsman for advice. If that is not possible, contact 800.826.8109 to discuss your question or report your concern. The toll-free number is a confidential, and anonymous if you choose, service provided 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. You may also use this online form (link is external) to report your concern anonymously.

It takes courage to come forward. Retaliation for reporting concerns in good faith is strictly prohibited.

Duke commits to conducting a fair and expeditious inquiry and to use any information to correct errors, make improvements, and ensure accountability. Should illegal activity be suspected or confirmed, the university has a duty to report those facts to the appropriate authorities.

Speak Up Reporting -- Values

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